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helpspot version 2 released

October 20, 2007

It's been a long road, but I'm happy to announce that HelpSpot v2 is finally out!!

I really appreciate the fantastic beta team and all the customers who contributed feature ideas over the past year. Almost all of the new features in v2 are a direct result of customer feedback. One of the things that's really paid off for HelpSpot is finding and nurturing a great group of customers. I truly believe HelpSpot has the best customers and it makes it a pleasure to work with them day to day and to develop HelpSpot for them.

I'm fairly exhausted, it will be nice to get back to blogging and generally take a few breaths. I know this coming week will be crazy with everyone upgrading, but things should calm down after that.

There are many powerful new features in this release. The two I'm most excited about are support for HTML emails (this was a real bear to do!) and the new API's. The API's are really going to add a lot of flexibility to HelpSpot. The next thing I need to work on is coming up with some good example implementations. First on my list is building out samples for the new Request Push API, which allows requests to be pushed to other systems. This is going to be great for integrating HelpSpot with bug trackers.

Going forward I'll be moving to a different release cycle than in the past. The rest of the v2 releases (probably just 1-2) will be mostly bug fix with the major versions containing new features. I've already started planning and have some mockups for version 3 which will be an exciting release as well. In a lot of ways I feel v2 is the release that finally brings HelpSpot to the base level I envisioned over 2 years ago now. Version 3 is where I'll be able to build upon that base.

Thanks again to everyone out there who's had a hand in HelpSpot's success. The support for myself and the product has been amazing. From the largest customers to people who just read the blog or occasionally link over. It all adds up and is something I value and do not take for granted.

OK, now back to work!

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