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helpspot beta announcement

August 17, 2005

I sent this email out to the mailing list a few minutes ago. Republished here for your RSS reading pleasure:

We thought you should be among the first to know .....

HelpSpot is finally here!

After over a year of planning and development, we're now ready
to pull back the curtain to unveil HelpSpot.

Beginning Monday, September 12, a beta version of HelpSpot will
be available for those interested in being among the first to
review and provide feedback. The beta trial period will run
September 12 - October 14. Below are the requirements to run
this beta version, but the most important requirement is a
willingness to provide us your feedback!

In order to run HelpSpot you will need:
* PHP 4.3+ or 5 (runs great with Register Globals OFF)
* MySQL 3.23.X, MySQL 4.0.X, or Microsoft SQL Server 2000
* Apache or IIS
* Windows XP/2003 Server, Linux/Unix, or Mac OSX

As a thank you to the folks that actively participate during
the beta trial period, we're offering a 50% license discount
should you choose to continue using HelpSpot beyond the beta.

Interested in participating?
Getting involved is simple. As a member of this mailing list
you are already in the loop. Simply wait for the email we will
be sending on September 12 that contains all of the necessary
download and installation information.

Please feel free to send any questions on this beta trail period


Ian Landsman
President, UserScape

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