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help desk talk relaunch

December 27, 2006

So a few months back I started a forum site called, it was supposed to be a place to discuss help desk issues. There's really no forums on the web dedicated to only help desks. Well the site was a failure. It's entirely my fault, I simply didn't have the time to dedicate to growing a community and it showed.

I still hope to have a forum there someday, but I've decided to take a different approach. Help Desk Talk is being relaunched as a blog. I'm also not doing it alone, in fact I'm not going to be doing much writing at all. Instead I'm working in partnership with my father, who's an excellent writer, to run the site. He's already at it and doing a great job. The site will be original writing, but will also link to ongoings in the help desk world as well as relevant articles which appear in the mainstream IT press.

If you have a chance please check it out and refer others who may be interested.

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