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feature update on open source help desk list

August 8, 2007

I've just done a small update to my little marketing/information site open source help desk list. You can now add comments on any of the applications listed. So if you've ever used them and have any feedback take a second and add your 2 cents.

As an interesting aside the site has produced 12 sales for $22,532.25 in revenue ($1,877.69 avg sale). Not bad for a day or two's work. Also I think it's an interesting indication that many people simply start their search for open source software, but don't actually consider it a requirement to be either free or open source (HelpSpot is neither).

I also suspect that it's probably really responsible for about double those sales figures or more as those numbers only count users who purchased with the same browser as they found the site with. So if a manager actually did the purchase or something like that then it's not counted.

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