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blogging gets complicated

September 22, 2005

Isn't it interesting how things evolve. Scoble points to "project comet" the next version of Six Aparts TypePad product. On quick glance it appears to be something of an MSN Spaces clone, but done nicer.

Why do companies think that making blogging more complicated with "friends" and "recent media" and all this crap are going to bring it mainstream? Blogging IS mainstream. In my opinion it's reached mainstream because it's so easy. I log in, there's a big empty box. I fill it and click submit. Bam! My thoughts are online.

Of course there are markets for a more complex product, but it just bothers me that the heading on the comet page says that this is the product to bring blogging mainstream. Mainstream means it needs to be easier and more accessible not more complicated.

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