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blog blazers book giveaway

November 19, 2008

HelpSpot customer and fellow MicroISV Stephane Grenier just released his work of love, Blog Blazers. The book is a series of interviews Stephane conducted with 40 popular bloggers. I'm honored to be one of the bloggers, though there's a lot more talented bloggers than myself in the book including the likes of Seth Godin, Eric Sink, Jeff Atwood, etc.

One of the keys to my success if not the primary key has been this blog. While I don't write as much as I used to, the early years of UserScape and it's success were almost completely dependent on this blog and the traffic it generated. Without this blog I'd almost certainly be working "For the Man", filed away in some cubical farm.

While blogs are no longer "new" as they were when I started, I still think they're a key component to any startups business, especially a MicroISV. Now, one problem with blogs is that it's often hard to find concise advice on how to blog well. Even just figuring out where to start looking for advice is difficult. Sure there's lots of "how to blog" links in Google, but few get into the subtle details that make a truly successful blogger. Blog Blazers does just that. If you're starting out in blogging or want to grow your blogging presence this book is where to start.

Now, Stephane has been kind enough to offer my readers an amazing opportunity. He's given me 10 copies of Blog Blazers to give away free on this here blog. I've thought a lot about how I might give these away. I don't want to do anything cheesy nor do I have time for a very complicated give away. So here's what I've decided:

To receive a free copy of Blog Blazers be one of the first 10 people to agree to write up a complete review of Blog Blazers on their own blog. That's it. This is on the honor system. If you're not going to write up a review about it then please don't ask for a copy and let someone else have it. You must have a blog to be eligible.

If you're ready to commit to doing a review then just do the following:

I'll email the 10 people to get their address information and ship off the books, probably next week.

If you have a blog and think your readers might be interested in this giveaway please link them over.


Update: We're at 10. Thanks everyone!

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