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beaten to the punch again

June 5, 2005

I caught this post yesterday on The Frightening Frontier about a new MicroISV who's been working on a knowledge base system. However, what he really wanted to do was a full blown help desk system and so was going give it a go. I really wanted to post a welcome message to him and talk a bit about our two products, but alas he already beat me to it. I hate when that happens, but I'll give it a go anyway.

Welcome! First off I know I've been really nit picking about this lately but if you wouldn't mind posting your name somewhere after your posts or on the site that would be great. If you're blogging about your cat then using an alias is cool, if your blogging about your business I think you really need to at least use a first name. Especially since your blog name is kinda long. Sorry in advance for sounding snotty :-)

I think it's great you're getting in the game. One of the reasons I choose help desk software as a good market to enter was that it isn't dominated by just one or two players, there's alot of room for a bunch of companies. I'm really psyched to have another new help desk software vendor blogging about the process and especially a MicroISV. I think we can really help each other out by broadening the market and spreading the word that small companies can make effective enterprise software.

I really believe that more voices can only be a good thing, especially given that I see huge opportunities to sell help desk software to many organizations who currently have no solution. More people in the blogosphere talking about it can only help all of us grow. A rising tide lifts all ships and all that good stuff.

So welcome to the party. Hopefully we can learn a bit from each other along the way and if we get so big that we're stealing business from each other don't forget that that's a good thing!

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