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Q&A: What type of software engineers are high in demand?

Cameron Moll recently had an article suggesting that tech hiring is down about 40%. We run a job board for primarily Laravel PHP Developers and we haven’t seen that same drop off, however, we’re in a more niche group that’s growing fast.

Still, regardless of the specifics I think that software engineering is still a great field with strong growth. I wouldn’t be worried so much about any specific area, it’s really more a choice of what’s right for you.

If you’re into getting a high level of education before starting (or re-starting) your career then Data Science or Machine Learning are probably great areas. As would be Logistics specializations or anything with a focus on serious math + programming really.

If you need a job now or are more interested in entrepreneurial endeavors a Full Stack focus (frontend + backend + some devops) is something we’ve seen a big surge for on LaraJobs. If you have some demonstrated ability in this area you won’t have any trouble finding work. Practically every business in the world now needs at least a few of these, plus you have startups, consultancies, and established software companies all heavily hiring these folks.

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