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Q&A: What was the mistake that killed your last B2B sales deal?

Some mistakes I’ve made in which have lost us B2B sales over the years:

  1. Lack of follow up. Make sure you have a process in place to follow up on every deal. It’s really easy in a small company to lose track of these deals, but it’s even easier for big enterprise buyers to lose track of you! Especially early in the process.
  2. Not understanding that you’re selling a solution. You think you’re selling software, but they’re not buying software at the enterprise level. They’re buying a solution. This is REALLY hard if you’re a small co. who won’t be sending consultants on-site to help them implement, etc. But some things you can do which helpful:
    1. Offer product training via webinar on a regular basis
    2. Offer bespoke customer on-boarding (for an extra fee)
    3. Try and convey the ongoing relationship you’ll have with the customer, product roadmap, touch points with support, etc.
  3. Not building trust. It’s often said that enterprise customers are not paying with their own money. That’s true and it’s great, but that doesn’t mean nothing is being spent.

    In fact, what the internal buyer is doing is often more stressful for them than a founder buying a software product. The founder buys and if it doesn’t work they move on. The internal buyer buys and if it’s a disaster they lose their job.

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