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Q&A: Entrepreneurs and Salespeople: What is missing from your current CRM? What would you change about it?

CRMs are a bit of a relic from a bygone era. In the “old days” you had a few channels for leads. The CRM simply had to be a place to track those leads.

Today, on the internet alone you have dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of inbound lead sources. You also have all the traditional locations as well potentially (cold calls, etc).

Worse, you’d like to be able to track people through the complete funnel. Tracking is hard in B2B because the person who finds you may not be the ultimate buyer.

Worse still, the CRM isn’t the only software involved as it was back then. Now you’ll want that data into mailing list managers, help desk tools, report systems, the bug tracker, everywhere.

It’s a total freaking mess.

Huge CRM tools simply try to do everything and you get a complex nightmare. Lightweight tools don’t do nearly enough.

Personally, I think there probably needs to be a paradigm shift in the overall thinking on what needs to be tracked and how. Not a better mouse trap, but a new way to get mice to where you want them to be.


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