I normally keep it businessy around here, but with the holidays upon us I thought I’d share some of the products that have brought me joy this year. If you’re stuck on what to get some people in your life (or on what to ask for yourself!) maybe this will help. Duck money clip ($39)… Read More

After my post yesterday about shady tactics in Bootstrapper circles people have been sending me other stuff they’ve seen that irks them. In the other post I didn’t call out specific people because I’ve seen these same tactics so many times that who it was that I saw most recently isn’t even relevant. This time… Read More

Bootstrappers. I’ve been seeing a lot of shady tactics in our midst lately and I’m calling them out. These aren’t good for you or your business long-term. Some of these have already entered the zone of “conventional wisdom” but we need to push back on that. It really is possible to run a successful online… Read More


What is on your plate today? My guess is that you are busy. You are running around with a To Do list one mile-long with things that need to get done, right now, no exceptions. There are meetings, and project status reports, and deliverables all requiring your immediate attention. If this sounds like you, you… Read More


Money. The more the better, right? Customers. The bigger the better… right? When you’re a bootstrapped start-up, you quickly realize that neither of those assumptions are correct. Of course you want more income. You’re trying to keep the lights on, after all. And of course you want customers who are going to be stable, loyal… Read More

Cameron Moll recently had an article suggesting that tech hiring is down about 40%. We run a job board for primarily Laravel PHP Developers and we haven’t seen that same drop off, however, we’re in a more niche group that’s growing fast. Still, regardless of the specifics I think that software engineering is still a… Read More

Much of what you have to know in a tech support job is dependent on what you’re supporting. There will be seemingly infinite details to learn about the products and/or systems you support. That said, there’s a few elements that tend to cut across nearly everyone working in tech support. We actually built a help… Read More