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69 Bootstrapping Resources

Some of the books, blogs, podcasts and resources I’ve found useful while bootstrapping UserScape for the past 9 years.



  • Bootstrapped – I tried to find another to list, but really this is it!

Link Sharing Things







I consider these critical for anyone starting a business. Yes, these are in order of importance.


It’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on design early on, but if you have the means these are the designers I’ve worked with over the years. All are top notch.

Professional Services

Apps & Services

These could go on forever. I’m limiting this to ones I personally find very useful.

  • HelpSpot – What good is a product without great customer support!
  • Forge – Spin up servers without a fuss.
  • Convert Kit – Really nice email list management.
  • – Email automation without a bunch of other junk.
  • Dribbble – The best place on the internet for inspiration.
  • Feedbin – RSS isn’t dead yet
  • Scribbleton – The personal wiki.
  • Laracasts – Primarily aimed at PHP developers, but really anyone who works in code should be checking this out.
  • Laravel Jobs / Laravel Gurus – Business person and not a coder? Don’t want to learn to code? Hire one.