Maximizing Your Startup Dollars Through Great Design Deciding to build a second product is a very difficult decision. Especially when you’re a small bootstrap company. While we do well with our main product, HelpSpot, we don’t have a lot of cash to just throw around. So in planning Snappy, I knew we had to maximize… Read More

Laravel 4 Pre-Beta Primer With the recent release of sneak peek video’s for Laravel 4 there’s been a lot of talk about it lately. It’s still pre-beta and as such there’s very little documentation, but I know a lot of people are excited and would at least like to kick the tires. I’m not an… Read More

Building a Better Human Helper Help desk software is ugly utilitarian stuff. It’s designed to collect data, to manage, to organize, to control. Formal help desks have a lot of demands placed on them as they sit at the center of the organization, between the customers and management. In turn, help desk software tends to… Read More

PHP Jeff Atwood has an interesting piece today about PHP and it’s horribleness while acknowledging it’s greatness 🙂 Unfortunately Jeff seems to fall into the same trap as many programmers these days. Sure PHP is ugly, it’s got some inconsistencies that make it hard to work with, etc. All of this is very well known… Read More

Starting is fun, Finishing is rewarding One of the challenges programmers face when making the transition to entrepreneur is controlling the urges that come 4-6-8 months into the process. You see, the start is fun. The start is exciting, a jump into the unknown. The start is when you get to do what you love… Read More

Laravel The Search Last November (’11), I ran across a relatively new PHP framework called Laravel. At the time I was researching the various PHP frameworks in order to get a clear picture on the current state of things. I’ve always used CodeIgniter in the past and was generally very happy with it so I… Read More