It’s Twitter Time Hi All, Sorry for not writing in…. a long time. It’s just so busy here that it’s hard to find the time, plus the burden of managing the comments makes it all just too much. So I wanted to let you know that I am very active every day over on Twitter.… Read More

Your Product is Free Because You’re Lazy and Scared David over at 37signals had a nice post today about why startups seem to have abandoned charging customers for goods and services: “How did the web lose faith in charging for stuff?. Of course, I agree with charging people for a quality product. I make my… Read More

How to Sell More Software by Adding 12 Characters to Your Homepage Yes, this is the secret to how to sell more software. I’m the first one to break the sacred oath of profitable software companies and reveal the secret of how just 12 characters can make you significantly more money. Are you ready to… Read More

Winter Pictures Here’s a few nice winter pictures from the past few days just to change it up. Actually I didn’t spend a lot of time framing the pictures nicely, but still I think they’re nice. I could do without that house being there, but I’d need a bulldozer for that. Ice on the Hudson:… Read More

How to Start a MicroISV Andy with a great quick start guide to starting a MicroISV. This covers all that boring stuff nobody covers in their starting a business articles. Well, maybe not nobody.… Read More