Best Mac RSS Reader? Since I’m done with NetNewsWire (you have no idea how sad it makes me to say that) I’m looking for the next best thing. Thoughts?… Read More

Yikes! I don’t know about this (more from the owner). I think I’d rather keep paying for NetNewsWire than have to go through opting out of all their undercover “attention” gathering. Not so much for myself, but for all the other users out there who will download it having no idea they’ve opted into something… Read More

HelpSpot on Gillmor Gang I sent $100 to Jason Calacanis last week as a gag mostly for a mention on the Gillmor Gang. I have to say Jason is a hysterical marketer and gave HelpSpot a long plug. He got a few of the facts mixed up, but hey what do you want for $100!… Read More

HelpSpot In the Wild: Formspring Long time blog reader and HelpSpot customer Ade Olonoh has just put up a nice post introducing his new HelpSpot portal (previously he just used it for email support). Ade did a great job integrating it into his companies website (Formspring). He even ported his forums from vBulletin to HelpSpot… Read More

Bye Bye CaseDetective Looks like another one of our compatriots is biting the dust. I can’t blame Ian, that’s not a lot of revenue for all that work. I really thought it would be doing better than that. You need to know when to cut your losses. Being an add on product to a larger… Read More