Follow me on Twitter Just an FYI, if you haven’t subscribed to me on Twitter please do. I still write here from time to time, but it’s hard to find the time for full blog posts these days. The low commitment level of Twitter allows me to normally post several times a day. You’ll also… Read More

Talking to the Owner There’s something really great when you can talk directly to the owner of a business. It’s a feeling you don’t get a lot in the virtual world I mostly deal in unfortunately. What’s got me thinking about this is that we’re building a patio around our pool (previously it was incomplete… Read More

Refreshing Post Dennis Forbes with (as usual) a refreshing post. If you’re thinking of starting a business I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to read this post and take it to heart.… Read More

New Computer Setup As usual I haven’t posted in a while. Since it’s Friday I’m not in the mood for anything too heavy so I thought I’d post about my new computer setup. So far it’s been amazingly productive for me. First a little history. The first setup I had when I started UserScape was… Read More

HelpSpot 2.4.0 Beta Development on HelpSpot 2.4.0 is finally starting to wrap up. This release contains more than I originally intended, but I think there’s a lot of important improvements especially as I plan on hunkering down to focus on version 3 development for the rest of the year. This is one of those releases… Read More

Expression Engine 2.0 Preview The guys at EllisLab have released a preview of EE 2.0. It’s fantastic, I love it. The UI is really nicely done. I especially like how it’s catered to their market so well. You can tell it’s going to be really easy for non-tech folks who have to maintain websites to… Read More

Ebook on Generating Web Traffic Stephane yesterday released an interesting book on generating traffic to your site. It’s remarkably in depth. I’ve only read some of it so far, but what I’m most impressed with is the breadth of the coverage. It pretty much hits on everything someone starting a commercial website needs to think… Read More

Competitive Advantage Great post by Rick about competitive advantage among other things. I agree with this 100%. I’ve found that fast and great service are the easiest (in a certain sense) way to outperform your competitors. This is especially true of MicroISV’s and small ISV”s. It sounds counter intuitive, but it’s not really. As you… Read More

Winter It’s snowing like crazy here today. Doesn’t this look like my wife and son are walking into a photo from the 1850’s That’s an old rail bridge that runs next to our house. It’s pretty interesting. At one time it was the longest bridge in the world.… Read More

Sites that Sell! Bob Walsh has released his eBook MicroISV Sites that Sell! – Creating and Marketing your Unique Selling Proposition. HelpSpot is one of the apps featured in it. For $19 it’s worth checking out if you’re planning to start a software business.… Read More