HelpSpot on the Deck Starting today you’ll be seeing HelpSpot ads on The Deck ad network. It’s the first serious advertising I’ve done for HelpSpot so I’m excited to see how it goes. I was originally looking for September, but they had a slot open up in August so we decided to take it even… Read More

Help Desk Talk Redux So a few years ago I tried to launch a forum/community website around the help desk/customer service world. It was a complete failure. It’s unfortunate because there was some early traction, but I couldn’t devote the time or money to maintain it and it was overrun by spammers so I ended… Read More

HelpSpot Price Nudge A price nudge sounds better than an increase, no? I think so. In any event today I’m announcing a small price increase for HelpSpot. The short of it is that HelpSpot is moving from $179 a user to $199 a user as of August 31st. This is about an 11% increase. Important… Read More

Building an App in 30 Days … Is Stupid All the rage the last year or so seems to be trying to build an application as fast as possible. The common length of time seems to be 30 days, but it sometimes goes down as low as 7 or even 5. While this may be… Read More

Great Post on Selling to the Government Best post I’ve read in a while: I also suggest you check out his first post, which I agree with pretty much 100%:… Read More

Antair’s New Blog Andrey has a new blog up. It’s been a while, good to see him back in the fold. One of his first posts is about HelpSpot, thanks Andrey!… Read More

Modules You’d Like to See in HelpSpot Version 3 I’m nearing the end of planning for version 3, but to be honest I’m going back and forth on a couple of modules that I want to add. So I’m looking for input. If you have a new module you’d like to see in v3 please… Read More

A Look Back at HelpSpot’s First 6 Months of Sales Now that HelpSpot has been out about 3 years I thought it would be fun to look back at the early days. I always get a lot of questions about how I started UserScape, how long it took to get rolling, what the process was… Read More

What Should I do with 50 iPods? Apple sent me an interesting email today. They have a special program for companies that want to buy iPod’s in batches for use with promo programs. The minimum order is 50 and it can be any iPod type or even a mix of them. I’ve never been big… Read More

HelpSpot 2.4 Beta is Out! Whew, this release has been a bit more work than I intended. I think it’s a really strong release though. It’s one of those releases where on the surface it’s not much different but there’s a lot of meat just below. If you’re interested you can find the full release… Read More