how to compete when all you do is solve problems

Scoble has an interesting post today. In many ways I think it sums up or represents some of the frustration I’ve felt working in the tech software world. Getting publicity, links, mentions, any type of reasonable attention when all your product does is solve real world problems is very hard, bordering on impossible. There’s simple no market any longer for reporting on hard working, profitable companies.

I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t have a really good solution for how to bring the conversation back to our side. Short of building in features or even entire products devoted to just getting attention (and not solving real problems) I’m not sure what to do. My current thinking though is to try and ride it out. This environment can’t last forever, hopefully when it changes companies that have kept having good results and making real customers happy will be popular again.

On the up side, the impending downturn in 09 could help shake some of this up as there will likely be less ego companies around which should be good news for the rest of us.