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Cocoa Framework for the HelpSpot API

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with one of our customers, Audiofile Engineering, on a Cocoa framework for the HS API. This takes all the heavy lifting out of building a Mac based application for HelpSpot or for adding support for HelpSpot to your existing Mac application. Audiofile has done an
amazing job
(click unparalleled support) integrating their applications to their HelpSpot installation via the API. This new framework should allow others to do that as well as to come up with some interesting desktop apps and tools for HelpSpot.

We’re putting the finishing touches on v1 of the framework, if you’re interested in working with it please let me know and I can get you a copy of it when it’s ready. I’d like to get a few people kicking the tires a bit before releasing it to the general public.

A PHP library is also in the works, more on that when it’s a bit closer. It’s under development by CaseySoftware.

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