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helpspot on the deck

Starting today you’ll be seeing HelpSpot ads on The Deck ad network. It’s the first serious advertising I’ve done for HelpSpot so I’m excited to see how it goes. I was originally looking for September, but they had a slot open up in August so we decided to take it even though I only found out yesterday.

The ads were a little rushed, but I don’t think they’re bad. Ads are going to be very much trial and error anyway. We can swap them out at any time so if one or both bomb we can make an adjustment.

The Deck certainly puts HelpSpot on some interesting sites. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect match in terms of sites that people search for help desk software on, but I think the audience it reaches are certainly people who directly or indirectly deal with customer service a fair amount.

We’re going to run for 2 months as a started to see how it does and go from there.