How to Compete When All You Do is Solve Problems Scoble has an interesting post today. In many ways I think it sums up or represents some of the frustration I’ve felt working in the tech software world. Getting publicity, links, mentions, any type of reasonable attention when all your product does is solve real… Read More

HelpSpot 2.6 Sneak Peek If you’re interested in seeing some of the new features in the next HelpSpot release we have a post about it on HelpSpotted.… Read More

HelpSpotted: The HelpSpot Blog Just a quick post to let you know that we’ve launched HelpSpotted. The official HelpSpot blog. We’re going to be posting tips, tricks, sneak peeks and more there. We already have a lot of good stuff up so take a look. I’m also trying to setup a blogroll of HelpSpot customer… Read More

Blog Blazers Book Giveaway! HelpSpot customer and fellow MicroISV Stephane Grenier just released his work of love, Blog Blazers. The book is a series of interviews Stephane conducted with 40 popular bloggers. I’m honored to be one of the bloggers, though there’s a lot more talented bloggers than myself in the book including the likes… Read More

Are you Hiring? I’ve Got Your Man My friend Kevin Dangoor recently lost his position at a technology company in Michigan. He’s looking for new opportunities that can make use of both his project management and development skills. If you’re in the Python community you might already know Kevin from the popular TurboGears framework he… Read More

Another Way Your Product May Benefit in a Downturn Nightly news is mostly doom and gloom these days, but it doesn’t have to be this way for some of us ISV’s. If you’ve been smart (lucky?) enough to position your product mid market these could turn out to be boom times for you. Fear and/or… Read More

Why Now is a Great Time to Start a Software Company Is a depression a good time to start a software business? Of course I hope things in the financial system don’t get to that level, but even if things stabilize it’s obvious that there’s going to be a serious financial impact for some time.… Read More

Lunch Time Walk Over the Mid Hudson Bridge It’s a perfect day here today so we decided to take a little walk and enjoy it before Fall sets in. In the year we’ve lived in this house we’ve never walked over the Mid Hudson Bridge which is just down the street. Our Favorite Italian Deli… Read More

Cocoa Framework for the HelpSpot API Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with one of our customers, Audiofile Engineering, on a Cocoa framework for the HS API. This takes all the heavy lifting out of building a Mac based application for HelpSpot or for adding support for HelpSpot to your existing Mac application.… Read More