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testuff feedback

Eli did a post recently about wanting to write me and some other folks for some feedback. He hasn’t written yet, but here’s some feedback anyway šŸ™‚

Eli’s product is called, what it appears to do is record your software testers so that bugs can be recreated easily and in general track the testing process.

In no particular order here’s some feedback Eli:

  • Stop thinking about version 2. You need to sell version 1 before version 2 is worth doing. Not to say that you shouldn’t be improving v1, but you should be spending nearly equal time on marketing at this point. For reference, HelpSpot version 2 is coming out this month (very soon actually), that’s 2 years to the month of the v1 release.

  • Your site makes it appear that the bugs are logged with you , though I found one random note that suggests it actually integrates with commercial bug trackers. This is a huge point, nobody wants to log bugs with you. You should prominently display the names of the bug trackers you support all over the place. That way when I come to your site I can see my bug trackers name and know you support it right away and that this improves my existing bug tracker not replaces it.

  • “Test your app in four easy steps” pictures are confusing. Rather than using the actual interface pictures I’d do a stylized representation so that people get the idea without being burdened by the actual interface of the app.

  • SaaS should not be in your H1 header at the top of the homepage. In fact I wouldn’t use that word anywhere, nobody cares. Use “On Demand” or “Hosted” or something like that which conveys the message more clearly.

  • You’re selling something people aren’t looking for. Nobody is searching for “video recording of testers finding bugs”. That’s a hard spot, I suggest you work on talking about bug tracking more and showing how this improves bug tracking. You need to have people start finding you and they won’t with your homepage about SaaS and video bugs.

  • This is not good on the download page: “The Testuff client has been tested on Windows XP, however it is supposed to run fine on Windows 2000 and Windows Vista”. You need to say that better, or simply state that Testuff is tested and supported on Windows XP and leave it at that. It’s also a bit confusing which parts are online and why I’m downloading something. Clearing that up a bit would be useful.

That’s enough for now I suppose. Good luck!