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Did Nick Sell Out?

Nick Bradbury asks if he sold out? My vote is no way. To be honest he’s gone way farther than most developers would in not selling out. Usually when a software product gets sold the founder/developer hangs out for a year (usually because they’ve agreed to as part of the sale) and then they bail out as soon as contractually possible. In fact I personally think that’s a good thing. Having been an employee at a company that was acquired, it’s a horrible process for the company getting acquired especially for the founder. Everyone comes in and tells you what to do and changes the product and so on. It’s too personal to the founder and staying around usually just makes everything unpleasant for everyone.

In this case Nick has hung in with the products, they seem to be moving forward, and he seems to have maintained control of the product for the most part. Certainly not a sell out, in fact it’s a rather masterful handling of the situation if you ask me.

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