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valianthost acquired

The hosting partner we use for HelpSpot, has just been acquired. While the partnership was informal, it was overall a very good experience and I’m a bit sad to see ValiantHost get absorbed into a larger entity. It sounds like Giorgio, the found of ValiantHost, will be moving on to other opportunities so this leaves the HelpSpot hosting service a bit up in the air. I’m currently trying to get in touch with Server Intellect about the future of that service.

If they choose not to continue it I’ll be on the search for a new partner. I’m also kicking the idea around of offering a solution ourselves. Not normal hosting, not really enough money in that for me, but rather a leased license option. Perhaps a flat $20 per user per month option that includes the hosting. I’m not sure though, even if I partner up with a big hosting provider I’m still worried about sleepless nights tracking down hackers and general badness. I don’t know if any amount of money can properly offset the added stress of offering the hosted solution.