5 Companies That Can Help Your Business One of the key factors for any small ISV is to realize you can’t do everything yourself. I was crystal clear on that from the very beginning of UserScape since I knew what I wanted to accomplish was ambitious and that anything which took away from my time… Read More

Apple iPhone Interface for HelpSpot A special UI for the Apple iPhone is now available for HelpSpot. You can check out the details and screenshots here: http://www.userscape.com/helpdesk/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=171 Full Size Full Size Full Size I created this new UI primarily to scratch my own itch. I love the iPhone and while HelpSpot’s main UI works on… Read More

HelpSpot iPhone UI A special user interface for the Apple iPhone is now available for HelpSpot. This new interface is a free, optional add-on. It’s implemented using the new HelpSpot API so it’s also an example implementation of the API in addition to being a useful tool for Apple iPhone users. For more information and… Read More

Making Open Source Easy to Install My friends over at BitRock have put together an interesting site that makes it easy to get your favorite open source applications installed in minutes. I have to say I’ve tried unsuccessfully to install about half the software they’ve got packaged up and am looking forward to having an… Read More

Belated Three Year Blogiversary I caught Keith’s post today on his blogs third anniversary and it made me realize that last October was my 3rd year anniversary. I actually had to go back and look to be sure it was 3 years because it didn’t seem possible that it’s been that long. It’s wild that… Read More

Chamber of Commerce What’s the modern day chamber of commerce? I’ve almost joined my local chamber a dozen times, but there’s just nothing there for me. I want to be part of the local business community, but they simply don’t provide services I find valuable. They’re not designed for a web based business. They’re not… Read More

HelpSpot has Great Customers One of the keys to the success of HelpSpot is the fantastic customer base the product has. I think having great customers is really something most entrepreneurs don’t consider, but they should. You have more control over your customer base than you might think. Having great customers makes your life so… Read More

Installable Software Interesting post by 37sigs about why they don’t want to sell installable software. Pretty much it’s standard saas reasoning. Obviously I don’t think they need to sell installable software to be successful. One thing I strongly disagree with them on though is their last point. The ability to offer instant updates is always… Read More

Email Standards Project An interesting project from our friends at Freshview. If you’re involved with HTML emails in any way you’ll want to keep an eye on this project. http://www.email-standards.org/… Read More