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hawkins monday questons

Christopher Hawkins had some good questions in his “Monday Consulting Questions” segment this week. My 2 cents:

Q2: I’ve actually been wondering a bit about this myself in terms of how fast is common to return to your “day job” levels. Personally with 1 month to go until the 1 year anniversary of the release of HelpSpot I’m at about a 50% increase. Certainly way ahead of the goals I set out with. As a side note, that extra $ is going to enable some interesting developments in the coming months, stay tuned!

Q3: I agree, there’s little business reason to spend endless hours becoming proficient in a new technology. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of what’s going on, just that you don’t need to spend months learning them until there’s a business reason to do so. At least from the perspective of a business owner.