hosted feedburner

A nice idea by scrivs. Everyone is so caught up with SAAS (software as a service) that they constantly overlook the fact that most IT shops (and many normal people) don’t like leaving their data in other peoples hands.

I think many web pro’s gravitate to SAAS because they’re lazy. They think it’s easier to deal with because everything is on their servers and it’s quick to make changes and you don’t have to convince people to upgrade, etc etc. I think most of those statements are actual false, but even if they are true none of those reasons have anything to do with your customers. Those aren’t your customers needs their your own. Of course there are some apps that work great for SAAS and some customers will always want the hosted option and that’s fine, but it’s not a panacea. There are many many companies and people that want to maintain control of their information beyond simply being able to download it.

simple wiki

I’m looking for the simplest wiki out there. Simple to use, install, etc. I literally need no features just base wiki functionality. Any suggestions? If it’s open source it needs to be in active development. PHP preferred but all others considered. If you know of any like this please let me know.

social networks what a waste of time

Scoble is done with social network apps and so am I. I get tons of people sending these things to me. I just don’t have the time to deal with it. The problem is that once you agree to a few then you feel bad if you don’t agree to others. Then I’m “linked in” with all these people who I really don’t know and probably wouldn’t vouch for other than that they read this blog. Not really great contact criteria.

Of course the biggest problem is that being a part of these networks has created exactly 0 HelpSpot sales. When being there shows up on the bottom line I’ll be there, but until then I’m just going to say no from now on.

9 month revenue update

So it’s been 9 months since HelpSpot went on sale, I can’t believe it’s been that long already! Totally amazing.

Below are a few charts on HelpSpot revenue, transactions, and trials. HelpSpot is far exceeding my expectations for this point. In fact in my planning budgets before I started I had right around now as the point where HelpSpot would start selling more than a few licenses a month. I’m very happy to have been so wrong!

The most interesting thing to me about the past 3 months is how the revenue was generated between May and June. May had some very large purchases, while June outpaced May with nearly double the transactions but all of more modest sizes.

Looking forward to your analysis, comments, and questions.

helpspot in the wild rails machine

They guys over at Rails Machine have a new premium grade Rails hosting service. It seems like a very slick setup with virtual private machines, super easy setup using Ruby Gems and a bunch of other great stuff. And of course you can already see their dedication to great customer service!!!!

One of the best jobs customizing the HelpSpot templates that I’ve seen yet. Nice job!