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Finally a Decent New ISV Website

There’s been a spate of posting to the JOS forums lately with people wanting feedback on their websites. I’m sorry to say that almost all of them are terrible. My cheapskate post pretty much covers my thoughts.

I’ve been feeling a bit negative on the community as a whole lately actually. I think people are starting to distort the MicroISV idea. It started as an idea that one person or a small group could make big products (support your family big at least) by using new tools and leveraging the internet. Now some people think it means produce junk with out much work and make a bunch of money. I mean if you’re putting no thought into your website how serious can you be about your web based business?

So I was happy to see a post tonight by Jason Sankey about his new product, Pulse. I encourage you to go checkout his site. If you’re going to send around a link for thoughts your site should look at least this good before you bother or you’re just wasting peoples time.

Great job Jason, good luck!

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