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HelpSpot From the Customer Perspective

Tony Edgecombe has a nice post about his recent transition from FogBugz to HelpSpot for product support along with a great write-up of the installation process and his early feelings about the product.

I love reading these type of posts because it’s feedback you really can’t get any other way. There’s just something different about the feedback you get when someone writes under their own name in a publication (blogs and other types) that you just can’t get in a survey or during support interaction. He points out some of the places where he had a little trouble which is also great to hear.

I agree with his analysis that those areas are too difficult. Specifically the organization of settings and general confusion in the early learning curve about public/private notes and general configuration. These are definitely on the list to be addressed.

Thanks Tony for the write-up. I’m looking forward to your follow up posts as your experience with HelpSpot grows.

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