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app that needs building

I would pay some good money for a screenshot application that worked in conjunction with the browser and could replay scripts. With version 1.1 of HelpSpot on the horizon I’m coming to the terrible realization that I’ll need to redo a bunch of screenshots. Wouldn’t it be great if I just had a “tour” script which grabbed everything I needed? I think it would be and I’d pay a few hundred dollars for it without a blink. Modern software development is so easy and there are so many new software products coming out every day that I think there’s a good market out there for something like this.

Update: Several folks have sent me interesting emails with possible solutions, but they’re all Windows! I’m a Mac guy and really insist on doing my shoots on the Mac. What I really want is a great screenshoot tool like SnapZ, but with browser scripting. Sort of if SnapZ and Selenium had a baby 🙂