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A new software directory site just crossed my radar and thought it might be interesting to other software folks out there. It’s called SplashPool. It’s kind of an interesting take on a directory, because they build a custom dossier for each piece of software. Also the directories are mapped to problems more than to software type. Mike who runs the site seems very responsive and got right back to me when I emailed him. If you have a software product you may want to get listed in there. My understanding is that they select relevant software for the problems they’re currently working on so your software may or may not get in based on what they’re currently searching for.

Here’s a description from the site:
“SplashPool is a search engine that aggregates software capabilities under the criteria of specific casefiles. Because the task of finding answers to specific criteria is too complex for a computer, our software helps automate the process for human researchers. We spend time evaluating casefiles and building a comparison matrix directly from vendor websites, so that our users don’t need to.”

Mike did a nice job on the entry for HelpSpot:

Here’s the help desk software section.