Customer Satisfaction “My wife likes to take care of these things in the first person. Being a sweet and competent person herself she tends to believe that the rest of the world is likewise. So a unilateral decision was made to access their service portal via Mr. Bell’s wondrous invention.” An Up Close Encounter With… Read More

Help Desk Talk Relaunch So a few months back I started a forum site called, it was supposed to be a place to discuss help desk issues. There’s really no forums on the web dedicated to only help desks. Well the site was a failure. It’s entirely my fault, I simply didn’t have the… Read More

Dave’s Meetup I’m likely heading down to Dave’s meetup if any of you are in NYC and want to join up. It’s going to be sometime next week. Details on the wiki.… Read More

Simplicity in Software Simplicity and the backlash against it seems to be a big theme over the past week or two on the blogs. The one that captured my sense of simplicity the best though is this post by Nick Bradbury. See I’m not a believer in making software simple just to be simple. Even… Read More

jQuery, Wow! The new product is using the jQuery javascript library and all I can say is wow. It’s the most amazing library I’ve ever used, especially considering how messy javascript is to deal with in general. One of my goals for the new product is really to limit the amount of code throughout the… Read More

Kathy on Twitter An interesting post by Kathy Sierra on Twitter and the general state of your mind. Of course if Twitter melts your brain you can always ask them for help on their shiny HelpSpot installation 🙂… Read More

Shitty and Simple Why does software have to be shitty and simple? Why can’t it be well crafted, full featured and proivide value to me?, Amen!… Read More

Dave on the Bubble Burst Dave has an interesting piece on the web 2.0 bubble bursting and how to determine that since for the most part these companies are not public. His theory is that when the Google stock bursts that’s how we’ll know. It’s an interesting theory, but I think his analysis is off.… Read More

PitchCamp? I never cease to be amazed at the way us entrepreneurs will find ways to avoid doing the work we need to do by doing the work we want to believe must be done. I was poking around some mailing lists today and noticed people talking about a PitchCamp. Now I have no idea… Read More