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sql server 2005 express is free

I didn’t even know there was a SQL Server 2005 Express, much less that it’s free. Is this new?

One of the things I’m hoping to work on is support for SQL Server 2005. I’d like to get support for that into HelpSpot in a 1.X release. From what I’ve read I should be OK in my application code, what I’m most worried about is if the PHP MSSQL extension is up for the challenge.

If that goes OK hopefully I’ll be able to support Express as well. What a great option for small installations where you want the enterprise features but don’t have the $$. It seems to have everything I need like transactions and full text indexing.

It has pretty decent limits (1 cpu, 1 gig ram, 4 gigs data) which should be fine for most small installations.