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dont forget about ms sql server

This is just a quick note to all of you out there developing B2B apps in PHP (or other languages). Don’t forget to give your apps support for SQL Server. If you’re all ready doing support for MySQL then having support for MS SQL Server adds almost no extra work. The basic SQL is almost exactly the same.

If you need some motivation here’s some. It’s now been 1 week since HelpSpot went live and free trials were available. In that time, 45% of all downloads have been for use with MS SQL Server. I’d also note that in talking with these potential customers, most would not be able to use HelpSpot if it did not have SQL Server support because they are MS shops and that is the database they support and use. Throwing PHP on a box someplace is one thing, but adding support/backup for a new database platform is entirely different and in general would preclude them from trying HelpSpot.