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helpspot its international baby yeah

HelpSpot, It’s International Baby Yeah

A little Austin Powers just came over me there 🙂

I’ve been looking at some numbers and it’s interesting how international the HelpSpot beta users are. Currently about 25% of the beta participants are non-US. Of those the majority are from the UK (38%) followed by Australia (16%) and then a mix of countries make up the rest (Greece, Russia, Spain, Germany).

One thing I’m really surprised about is how the time difference hasn’t really been a hindrance to support. The folks in Australia are 12 hours away, but we’ve collaborated easily with them. Some of the biggest changes during the beta have been the result of collaboration with companies in Australia. I’ve also been working very closely with several companies in the UK and that’s gone very well also, even though they’re about 5 hours ahead.

I’ve always counted on and hoped for a strong international presence in the customer base and it’s looking very good for that so far. It’s especially pleasing that the international companies are right in it from the beginning.