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how i got my scoble back

I love Robert Scoble’s commentary on the tech industry. He’s got great insights and he’s plugged into everyone so he’s tons of fun to read, BUT. His posts about Microsoft annoy me. I know it’s his job to evangelize Microsoft and he does a good job of it. I’m sure there are a bunch of readers out there who love it, but it’s just not for me. Unfortunately I realized today that the tediousness of having to filter through all the Microsoft posts has lead to me not reading him everyday like I used to.

Then it hit me, hey I’m on a computer! They’re really good at filtering through stuff I hear. So today I took back my Scoble by creating a smart subscription in my news reader. It has 3 conditions so far. First is that it only filters his RSS feed. Second, it doesn’t show any posts with the word Microsoft in them. I thought that would be enough but then I got hit with all these tablet PC posts and those are the most annoying of all. So I added a third to remove the table posts.

Overall I’m really liking it, not bad at all for a quick hack. I wonder what other feeds I can rescue from oblivion in my news reader ………..