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running your help desk via rss rules

Since launching the HelpSpot beta last week I’ve really come to depend on the built in support for RSS feeds. This is one of the key features I usually point to when other ISV’s ask me if HelpSpot is useful for their small business. While HelpSpot is designed to handle fairly large help desk installations, it also works remarkably well in the MicroISV/Small business environment.

RSS feeds are a great example of this. In a large help desk most of the time the RSS fields will not be a primary notification method because the front line help people will be in the system all day. In a small business however, where you’re trying to do 10 other things the RSS feeds are fantastic. They allow you to go about your day and easily check in on your requests by flipping over to your news reader for a second or during your normal news scan. Since RSS feeds are available even for your filtered views you can really track everything going on in HelpSpot entirely via your RSS reader.