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Eating My Own Dog Food

The beta has been a great time because I’m actually getting to use my software in the fashion it’s intended to be used. I’ve been “using” it of course, but all in very contrived ways. There’s simply no way to really use it until people you don’t know are sending in requests through the portal, emailing to the integrated email boxes, and posting to the forums. I’m happy to say that I actually like it! I’ve found that it’s already been invaluable in managing my requests.

There’s no way I could have handled a fraction of this via email. Several interactions have already included 15-20 back and forth interactions. It’s great how they’re all placed together by HelpSpot even though they’re a mix of email and request form updates. I’ve received and sent attachments, turned forum posts into new requests, built custom request filters and just generally used way more functions than I thought I would have for 3 days into it.

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