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postgresql follow up

Robert has a nice little followup to my “adding PostgreSQL support to HelpSpot” post. He seems to be a PostgreSQL “guy”, which is a good thing for me to know šŸ™‚

To follow up on a few items he mentions:

  1. Yes, I think the fulltext search is very much glossed over in the PostgreSQL world. I don’t know how tSearch compares to MySQL’s but what I do know is that MySQL’s is supper easy to setup. That’s huge for anyone who needs to throw up a simple search. It’s also important for people like me who want to build an application that has a very easy installer, that doesn’t require sending people off to the command line, etc.

  2. Good to know that there aren’t alot of people offering help desk software on PostgreSQL, now you know where to send people who need it!

  3. I believe the page I was looking at about tSearch was the one you linked to. It must have just been taken down. It was last updated Dec 2003, but I figured the updates might just have been taken over as part of the main dev. If that’s the case, then all the more reason it should be integrated in.