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wheres your mailing list

When I first started UserScape and first sat down to write the first lines of code I put together a little piece about starting up. Part of that was a short rant about how you need a mailing list:

“You need a mailing list.

You need one because right now you have no idea about how many of your readers are simply interested parties (remember these people are very important don’t discount them!) and how many are potential customers (super duper important). A mailing list helps you understand how many people are interested enough in your product to give you permission to contact them further about it.

I know what you’re thinking. You can’t remember the last time you signed up for a mailing list on a product. Me either! But I can tell you from experience that other people do, A shocking number of them. These folks are very important for a number of reasons.”

etc etc

So I thought I’d give an update on this part of starting things up. The reason being is that I’ve been looking at a lot of newly started MicroISV’s lately and none of them, not one has a mailing list. Yes I know if feels to early to put one together because you’re just starting to code, but let me tell you that it isn’t too early. Go start one right now!

The mailing list I’ve cultivated for HelpSpot has been invaluable. It’s gotten me in touch with potential customers, it’s given me encouragement, and most importantly it has proven to me that an AMAZING number of people are interested in HelpSpot. I would have NO way of knowing this otherwise. Sure I would know people read this blog, but that’s not the same thing. That’s not the same as someone making a conscious effort to give me permission to contact them about my product. So please do yourself and your product a favor and get a mailing list going.