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php charting library bueller bueller

I’m desperate for a good charting library for PHP. Anyone know of one? Graphs are a big part of HelpSpot and right now I’m planning on going with a very nice flash component I’ve used before, but only because I can’t find a decent image generation library. I would prefer images because if people want to use the charts in presentations, shove them in a Word doc, etc then an image makes that easy. A flash graph makes that impossible. However, that said I’m not willing to sacrifice the quality of the graphs. They must look really good! So this is my last ditch attempt to find a nice PHP library for building graphs.

Before commenting let me throw out a few things here.

  1. The images must be of this quality:

  2. I don’t want to use JpGraph: The images are not high enough quality. Also the library has two different versions for PHP4 and PHP5 and both are pretty sizable. I can’t/won’t ship both with HelpSpot. I realize this is the dominant charting component for PHP so I may just be screwed.

  3. I can’t/won’t increase the server side requirements to make this work. So it must be pure PHP or if there is a compiled server side component it must work cross platform (win, osx, linux, unix).

Any ideas?