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Book Tagging

JD book tagged me so here it goes.

Total number of books I own:
This one it tough. I’d say at least 100, but those are just readily available. I’ve given away at least another 40 and there’s probably another 40-50 that have just lost their way. I used to work for Pearson Education/Prentice Hall so I had access to alot of tech books for cheap/free.

Last book I read:

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. Not bad, not great.

My unfinished book: Too many to count. When you get them for free sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. I have an entire series on Java of which I’ve read about 100 pages of each so I’ll say those.

Books that mean a lot to me:

ColdFusion WACK 5 – Ben Forta’s classic.

Lord of the Rings Series – Read it way before the movies ruined it. In fact my childhood nickname was Gollum. Of course that nickname is ruined now since everyone knows who he is.

JavaScript Bible – I live in this book.

Alright back to work. I guess I should tag others but I’m not in the mood to copy and paste anymore links. If any of you do one based on this post just trackback it.

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