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the end of ipodders

“Steve Jobs just revealed at the D: All Things Digital Conference that iTunes 4.9 will add support for podcasts. With one click you?ll be able to subscribe to different feeds and have them automatically delivered to your iPod without using a third-party app like iPodder. You?ll be able to search through a directory of available podcasts (producers will be able to register their podcasts with the iTunes Music Store), but users will have the option of adding whatever feeds they want to iTunes.” (via engadget)

  • Well looks like Apple is crushing another developer driven phenomenon by integrating it into one of their products (see dashboard, iTunes, Sherlock, etc). That said, I don’t mind this one so much. So far all of my iPodder experiences have been pretty bad. They crash, they don’t download, even NetNewsWire doesn’t seem to work properly with them. So integration with iTunes should solve most of the issues and it sounds like there may even be a way for Podcasters to charge for their casts down the road via iTunes. What does this mean for Adam Curry and Podshow I wonder?