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credit where credit is due

I’m a huge Dave Winer fan, but he’s really getting a bit wacky lately. Today he released his spam fighting tool for Manilla. It works by searching for strings and erasing posts with strings the system knows about (mostly urls you have to manually enter). The wacky part is he seems to think this is a new way of fighting spam and wants credit if it is. Huh? It’s got to be the oldest way of fighting spam and honestly doesn’t work very well as he sort of even admits. If you forget to add the “latest” spam url then your sites get full of spam until you do. I’m pretty sure all the major weblog tools already have this feature built in. I know WordPress does and I’m pretty sure MovableType does as well. I think it’s time for Dave to download some of these other tools and get caught up with the systems he helped invent. He’s been using those out of date tools too long.