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haunting your past

“First, it’s quite amusing the turn around that Clay has made since his post two years ago about WiFi vs 3G. Suddenly the ubiquity, usability and versatility of mobile phones is a compelling platform and not something to be dismissed as closed and essentially redundant as he originally wrote. (Us Mobitopians responded to his nonsense back then and I still remember it clearly.)” (via Russell Beattie)

  • This is one of those cool, scary things about blogs. All the sudden something you wrote several years ago is easily found and distributed in a matter of seconds. Said something bad about X 4 years ago, no problem, I can find the link plus 10 cached versions in case you take it down.

Overall I think this is a good thing, but sometimes people do change their opinions on things and it’s very easy on the web to link back to a specific point in the past without considering or reading anything that has occurred since then.