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Stealing Your Design

Must be something in the air. This is why you cough up the few bucks for a designer, the bad press just isn’t worth stealing it.

“And now they think it’s clearly different, clearly theirs. That is clearly ridiculous. There’s a difference between influence and theft, and to me it’s clear which side they come down on.” (AGILECOpy: The ultimate home page rip-off)

“After reading a pretty amusing post over at 37signals about someone copying their home page and content I decided to check out if I had any impostors.

Using a site mentioned in their comments I found this site which is not only a blatant rip off of my past copy, but a total rip off of our design and style sheet!” (Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?)

“Well, I’ve entered a logo design contest recently, being voted upon by registered members of a community. As it turns out, the leading logo candidate may have been done with the use of a cookie-cutter logo from a logo-off-the-shelf website. I was amazed that someone would copy a logomark, verbatim, and try to pass it off as a unique submission!” (Just Good Business)

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