its all about the marketing

It’s not about features anymore — it’s about geek jewelry: “The non-Apple side of the world isn’t even playing the same game.”

(Via The Scobleizer Weblog.) – Is Scoble the only person outside the Apple “family circle of trust” who gets this? This is huge. I totally agree that it has zero, nothing, nada to do with features. Heck USB drives are 5 years old. The difference is that this is sold by Apple, called an iPod, and has white headphones. That’s it. It’s fantastic marketing. Apple has literally pulled off a Coup d’état on the mainstream consumer electronic industry. There stock is going through the roof because of it. It’s not just that they’re making money now, but apple has won the hearts and minds of the youth. It’s high school kids and young professionals who are propelling this movement and those people will be Apple customers for years to come. It’s kind of funny that just when geeks thought it was all about the features it turns out it’s all about the marketing.

microsoft opens office formats

Big news in the MS world. Scoble reports that Microsoft has released the schema to it’s Office 2003 format, meaning in theory you should be able to create Office documents from other applications and have the work perfectly in Office. This is something I’ve bumped my head on alot in my career, trying to build docs from scripting languages. If this is all true and actually works it’s going to be a very good day for programmers everywhere.

bloggies are stupid

Come on, give me a break. Maybe it wouldn’t be soooo stupid if they just had a few well thought out categories. I’m OK with weblog of the year, best design, that type of thing. “Lifetime Achievement”, “Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site” huh?, “Best Meme”!!!!!!!

Give me a break.

globetel up 03 23 yippee


This has become a very popular post. If you have comments on GTEL or other stocks I’m trying to move this conversation over to So let’s continue there!

I appear to be one of the only weblogs covering GTEL and there’s been alot of pointers over here from various forums and so on, so I suppose I’ll continue my coverage at least while things are in motion. We were up 23% today, if anyone knows why please leave a comment! Can’t really figure it out, but there was huge volume of 47,000,000 shares. Everyone who got in a .09 can’t start smiling now 🙂