It’s Not About the Programmer Phil has a great post about the intersection of marketing and programming and which is more important to a startup. I would also add that making a great product does not mean making a feature complete one. HelpSpot isn’t feature complete by any means. It’s about making what you will… Read More

4 Rules for the Practical Entrepreneur There are two types of entrepreneurs in this world, visionary and practical. The visionary entrepreneur has a grand vision for a product. They most likely found this vision while climbing in Huascaran National Park (Peru) or shopping in Calcutta. This type of entrepreneur needs no advice other than follow… Read More

New ISV Blog Mike has a new ISV blog you may want to keep an eye on. We’ve emailed back and forth a bit and he’s got some interesting ideas for his first product. Welcome Mike!… Read More

Book Deal for TurboGears Congratulations to Kevin on getting a book deal from Prentice Hall for his open source behemoth, TurboGears. That’s fantastic news. Perhaps he’ll be able to make a career of TurboGears. I wonder if Zesty will ever hit the street? On a side note PH is my old employer. I worked with… Read More

MicroISV Digest Gavin is doing a great job each week or so pointing to top MicroISV stories each week. Nice job Gavin.… Read More

Mobile HelpSpot A little sneak peak at the mobile version of HelpSpot coming in the next release. There’s so many compromises when doing a mobile version and I expect to have to make adjustments over time, but for the first rev of it I’m keeping it simple. Just basic functionality and keeping it optimized for… Read More

Office is Dead? Scoble links over to more insanity on the demise of Microsoft Office from Steve Gillmore. These articles actually make me mad. Why you say? It’s not because I loooove Office or because I hate Google or because I have something against Steve Gillmore (never meet him). It’s because the article is obviously… Read More

$10,000 The other day HelpSpot passed $10,000 in sales so it seems like a good time to catch everyone up one how things are going. While I won’t be regularly sharing sales data I’ve been pretty happy with my success so far and I think it may be good inspiration for aspiring ISV’s. It’s been… Read More

BarCamp Jan 14th Looks like BarCamp NYC is on. Hopefully you all can make it, I’m looking forward to seeing some readers there. UserScape is a sponsor so come have a beer on me!… Read More

Subversion OSX Client I’ve always used the command line tools for working with Subversion, but lately I’ve been checking out svnX. It’s pretty cool, especially for quickly looking back at past comments and the like.… Read More