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what would seth godin do

What would Seth Godin do? (or BzzAgents still doesn’t get it) (from: Jason Calacanis): “Now, we don’t just say ‘What would Seth Godin think of this?’ —we ask what would Seth Godin *DO* in this situation.That is key to the exercise.”

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                    </p> - I love Seth Godin! Just had to get that out, and yes I ask myself the same question at every turn. My all time favorite Godin quote is from his book "purple cow", page 68. "The opposite of remarkable is very good" and "Are you making very good stuff? How fast can you stop" !!!! It's very true. People think the opposite is "bad stuff" but that's not really true. It's the "very good" products that are actually common if you look around. And common products aren't worth talking about, which in turn means your product doesn't get talked about. If you work in product development or marketing you need to run out an get 

                    <a href="">Purple Cow</a> if you don't already have it. It's the best $13 you'll ever spend. -----