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apple will launch a mobile phone within 18 months

Apple will launch a mobile phone within 18 months: “Steve Jobs has a mobile phone. I’m not sure which mobile phone it is, but he’s definltely got one. And he hates it. He curses at it every day. He hates it like he hated the original IBM PC. He hates how hard it is to add contacts and make calls and he cringes at the web experience and the Java games, if he’s even bothered to try them. He holds it in his hand during long trips and admires some things about it, but knows *he could do it better.* He knows that if Apple decided to make a mobile phone, it would be the most intuitive and elegant mobile phone in the world. And he wants that phone. And what Steve Jobs wants, Steve Jobs gets”

  • An Apple mobile would be great. I hate my phone and every time I look at others they all seem to be lacking. Hard to use and at the same time not very useful.

                      (Via <a href="">Russell Beattie Notebook</a>.)